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Abstract of VKRT lezingenmiddag -1998     1998

Predictive testing for rubber compounds

The physical properties of rubber determine the service performance of rubber articles. Simple mechanical data like hardness, tensile strength or elasticity are often not sufficient enough to describe the technological performance of finished rubber goods. On the other hand, viscoelastic properties, i.e. the mechanic-dynamical behaviour of material can afford a much more extended insight in the material characteristics and the expected technological properties especially for rubber articles which are subjected to a dynamic load.
One of the most difficult to determine properties of rubber are fatigue or crack growth resistance. Standard test procedures, like e.g. deMattia test, on rubber samples often give results which do not bear any relation to the fatigue performance of rubber articles. Even opposite rankings are obtained!
Bayer has developed a new versatile test system to measure the dynamic crack growth resistance under near real test conditions: the Tear Analyser. The service performance of tire compounds as well as the fatigue resistance of technical rubber articles can be predicted with this instrument. Different applications of the Tear Analyser will be highlighted.