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Abstract of Algemene Ledenvergadering en bedrijfsbezoek ERT B.V.     2009

Accelerated ageing tests of vulcanized rubber at ERT BV

The early users of vulcanized natural rubber soon became aware of the sensitivity of the material to deterioration under a variety of conditions and in a number of ways. These include the change to a sticky mass on general ageing, the formation of cracks in a direction perpendicular to the application, deterioration in contact with copper wire and the surface hardening that could be observed after exposure to (sun)light. Degradation in a rubber article is a chemical process which decreases its quality, leading to material failures. This degradation process is initiated mainly by outside factors. Different factors causing degradation are: oxygen, heat, light and weathering, effect of metal ions, dynamic fatigue and ozone. This presentation will give you an overview of all the possibilities Elastomer Research Testing BV has to perform standardized (accelerated) ageing tests and how we can contribute to improvement of customer products.