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Abstract of Bijzondere projecten en producten     2013

Viton Seal rings for ships propeller shaft seals

Propeller shafts of sea going vessels are in 85% of the cases traditionally sealed by lip-type stern tube seals. AEGIR-Marine is a maker independent service provider on stern tube seals and propulsion systems for the world wide marine market. This gives us a total overview of the different products and the strong and weak points of certain solutions. When AEGIR decided to create her own seals, this knowledge was used to offer improved solutions to her customers. Together with technology partners and research institutes, AEGIR has developed a seal that has a generally better performance in operations. However, with increasing dry-dock intervals and the increasing use of water lubrication, biodegradable oils etc., the need of further improvement continues. AEGIR is determined to continue to co-operate and to invest in R&D for her products to meet tomorrows demands.