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Abstract of Trends/Innovaties op Polymeren en Vulstoffengebied     2013

Rubber reinforcement by the Silica/Silane system in mechanical rubber goods

The application of sulfur based silanes like bis(triethoxysilylpropyl)tetrasulfane (Si 69®) as coupling agent for silica-filled compounds is well-known. A main application of this kind of silane is the use in sulfur cured diene rubbers. Beside diene rubbers a broad variety of special elastomers is used in MRG industry.

This presentation will demonstrate the potential of silanes for special elastomers. Apart from the sulfur-functional silanes other functional groups will be presented and application examples in selected MRG formulations will be given. The influence of the silane dosage on the in-rubber properties will be demonstrated. Furthermore, some general background information how to manipulate the silanization reaction will be presented.