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Abstract of Al een halve eeuw VKRT, flexibiliteit is onze kracht     2015

Improving Rubber Performance with Naphthenic Plasticizers

“Improving Rubber Performance with Naphthenic Plasticizers”
Dr. Markus Hoffmann
Nynas AB, SE-149 82 Nynäshamn, Sweden


Fueled by ever-increasing demands on automotive engine oil performance, an appetite for significantly larger volumes of paraffinic base oils of API Group II and Group III is growing. As a consequence, the European base oil production landscape is changing rapidly, with closures of many Group I production base oil trains. This leaves Europe well over 1,200,000 t per year short of paraffinic Group I supply; oil which finds use across the industry e.g. as rubber process oil. Thus, suitable replacement oils are needed across a wide viscosity range. However, modern paraffinic base oils show insufficient solvency for polar rubbers. In addition, the viscosity ranges offered by Group II refineries are limited, and in the case of Group III and GTL severely limited. Naphthenic base oils are in rich supply in Europe and worldwide and will be able to replace conventional Group I use, in many cases without needing significant reformulation efforts.

In this study, we will discuss the influence of various process oils on the physical and mechanical properties of different rubber and tire compounds.