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Abstract of December meeting VKRT: Rubber verwerking     2016

G3 Srl, Italy: a small company presenting big breakthrough in mixing room equipment

G3 Srl is a company located in Italy that, as a unique example in mixing room equipment suppliers, has two different product lines: seriously rebuilt machines and brand new machines. The history of G3 is a solid base for efficiently and effectively covering both products line in a way that G3’s Customers are from small-medium size companies to Worldwide groups and Tire manufacturers. The ethical approach in seriously rebuilding any machine from a simple bale cutter to a complete mixing lines applies to capital equipment (normally becoming rusty and dusty after having been taken out of production) those more and more important concepts like REUSE, REDUCE and RECYCLE normally applied to much less significant topics than industrial machinery. The fruitful cross fertilization arising from having both product lines within the same company brings very interesting advantages to end users. One of these is surely the totally new design of hydraulic hopper/ram group which allows innovation to be combined with reliability and durability especially when dealing with very demanding applications. Since the importance of Automation Control System in a mixing room, like in any other Industrial environment, is consistently increasing, G3 is the worldwide representative for the only breakthrough in this domain: the only system which in real time controls and changes mixing parameters for the best results in terms of quality, time/energy savings, productivity, batch to batch uniformity, only to mention some of the aspects covered during the presentation.