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Abstract of Wetgeving: Arbo/Milieu/REACH     2017

New source of Natural Rubber emerging from our backyard?

The necessity of an alternative source for Natural Rubber grows stronger and stronger, as the current geographical origin of our NR today is under pressure due to social, economical and environmental factors. The availability of the globally demanded amount of NR in the (near) future is not guaranteed. Alternative sources need to be found, preferably on short notice. The solution may be present in the forgotten gem, Taraxacum koksaghys (TKS) also known as the Russian Dandelion. Several projects, worldwide, are running to investigate the qualitative and economic feasibility of Natural Rubber production from this type of Dandelion. Perhaps the most ambitious one is the EU research project, DRIVE4EU. A consortium of more than 10 research institutes and industrial partners from 7 countries, make effort to breed, cultivate, harvest and store the dandelion and subsequently, refine, test and apply the Natural Rubber from TKS into end products. Reflection by investigation of sustainability and economic viability is part of the process. It is too early to call it a success and harvest the credits, but the road towards is an interesting one.