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Abstract of Meten is weten     2017

Dynamisch Mechanische Analyse met speciale aandacht voor Hysteresis onderzoek

Many applications have high requirements for the mechanical properties of polymers.

In order to fulfil these requirements modern material development is in the need for powerful analysis tools.

The Dynamical Mechanical Analysis is a flexible and versatile method for characterisation of polymers. Within this talk first the broad range of applications of modern DMA is addressed. DMA devices measure the time, frequency and temperature dependency of mechanical elasticity and damping. Furthermore modern devices allow the measurement of related properties like tackiness, heat build up or even dielectric properties.

In this talk special emphasis is put on the hysteresis based evaluation. Within this evaluation method the energy balance of materials is described even for larger strains in the nonlinear material regime. While in classical DMA the sample is excited with a sinusoidal load, in many applications pulsed or generally formed loadings arise. In order to achieve realistic and comprehensive test conditions, these loads should be applied to the sample as well. The hysteresis based approach allows even in this cases an exact characterisation of materials.