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Abstract of (vloeibare) polymeren en harsen     2017

A new modified terpene tread enhancement additive: evaluation in a tread formulation

Kraton Corporation, formerly Arizona Chemical, is a long term supplier to Tire and Rubber industry, supplying products which improve tire performance, enhance the processing of tire compounds & rubber chemicals. As the global leader in pine-based bio-refining with over 80 years’ experience, refines Crude Tall Oil (CTO), Crude Sulphate Turpentine (CST) & Limonene, we have served the rubber industry for over 50 years & tire manufacturers for over 25 years.

Since 2000, Kraton focused on product development & application of Tread Enhancement Additives for wet grip enhancement & supplies the majority of leading tire manufacturers with consistent quality, high performance products.


In this presentation, we would like to introduce the latest development in our portfolio, SYLVATRAXX™ 5216, a modified terpene with high softening point. This resin modifies the visco-elastic properties of the compound to allow the compounders to reach new level of performance.


In addition, we would like to present how our terpene resins are improving the tack performance in a typical tread compound.