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Abstract of Rubber Bonding     2018

Strong Bonds - Connecting what matters with Adhesives and Bonding Agents

To connect what matters we need the right adhesives / bonding agents at the right place in the right amount for the right surfaces within the right processes.
H.B. Fuller / Kömmerling and H.B. Fuller Cilbond can supply different kind of adhesives and bonding agents for various applications in the automotive and general industry.

The presentation starts by introducing H.B. Fuller | Kömmerling and H.B. Fuller | Cilbond and with a general overview over the portfolio of adhesives and bonding agents.

The second part points out the differences between “classical” or “regular” adhesives and bonding agents (chemical bases, production, handling, processing, applications, performance of end products, etc.) with several examples of use. A short overview of all bonding agents shows how versatile products and applications can be (coil coating, glass moulding, rubber, silicone and PU bonding agents).


The third part of the presentation focuses on products (BA) especially for rubber to metal bonding – which are our Cilbond products of course. Topics are materials to bond including preparation, processing and a short outlook on new developments and trends for the future.