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Abstract of Rubber vulstoffen     2019

New electrically conductive CARBONX grades for applications in elastomers

CarbonX is a new porous carbon material consisting of chemically interconnected (nano)-structures, which provides narrowly controlled conductive properties, without affecting process-ability and retaining good mechanical properties.


With CarbonX, customers obtain tight control over ESD properties, therewith limiting product damages, avoiding large (product replacement) costs. Moreover, CarbonX at high loading provides high electrical conductivity and EMI shielding solutions without compromising processability and mechanical properties when compared with highly conductive fillers.


Studies of CarbonX in elastomer matrices, such as SBR and NR, show improvement of mechanic properties, such as tensile strength and abrasion resistance, and dynamic properties, such as heat built-up. Hardness and process-ability (Mooney viscosity) are not affected.

Moreover, the conductive properties are uniform and tightly controlled, with a wider percolation curve compared to usual fillers.


CarbonX provides freedom of shape and can be processed with standard equipment. The porous network allows polymer chains to deeply penetrate into the structure. As a result, a perfect embedding is ensured, while 3D-hindrance prevents agglomeration by decreasing the π-stacking driven inter-particle interactions.


CarbonX is produced by a low-cost scalable process. Four grades are currently commercially available, each with different pore sizes, precisely controlled in the process.


During the presentation tailored for VKRT conference, the performances and the benefits of our new electrically conductive CarbonX grades will be further highlighted, which sets the basis for exploring potential applications.