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Abstract of Recycling in de rubberindustrie     2020

Impact of recovered carbon black inorganic impurities on crosslinking and in-rubber performance.

In this study, the role of the ash content in recovered carbon blacks (rCB) on the in-rubber performance was investigated. Material characterization was performed to evaluate the amount of ash, the elemental composition, the BET surface area of the rCB including ash and the organic impurities in the latter. Elemental mapping was performed using Energy Dispersive Transmission Electron Microscopy to locate the ash components in the rCB. Furthermore, the in-rubber performance of rCb was tested.
This study revealed the presence of active sulfur in rCBs originating from the ash content. Additionally, strong evidences were obtained from elemental analysis, cure characteristics and Payne effect measurements regarding the dependency of the amount of the active sulfur on the silica content present in the ash. Finally, elemental mapping showed a high concentration of sulfur deposited on the silica surface present in the rCB.