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Abstract of Rubber in sport     2018

Application of Arlanxeo´s various rubbers in sport

Arlanxeo is the largest synthetic rubber producer in the world and is split into two different business units; TSR (Tire and Specialty Rubbers) and HPE (High Performance Elastomers). The presentation will outline the various elastomers produced by each business unit and provide some examples as to where these rubbers are used in sport applications and the reasons why.

Artificial turf pitch

The presentation will show the different components in an artificial turf system and the necessary properties of each component. So in general raw materials and processing will be briefly touched.

Next to that several examples of artificial turf pitches will be shown based on its application (soccer, hockey, landscape). It is shown how the set-up of a system can influence the final properties of the artificial turf system.

Finally also the end-of-life of an artificial turf system is discussed and shown. In other words what to do with an artificial turf pitch that will be replaced.


The future of rubber in sports- and recreational-flooring

Artificial Turf: The quality of artificial turf pitches for sport depends largely on the type of infill granules used. In particular, the basic material and processing method are crucial factors in determining how artificial turf systems perform in terms of playing conditions, environmental compatibility, impact on health and costs alike. In developing its new Hybrid Infill, Melos has succeeded in combining natural and synthetic materials for the very first time. Playing performance is not the only aspect to benefit.

Playgrounds: Melos is currently developing a new business area, expanding into the field of additive manufacturing processes and 3D Printing. This will complement the company’s traditional expertise in rubber and compounding. The first printing solution is already available: The StyleMaker.

Melos GmbH is a leading manufacturer of plastics for sport and leisure floorings. We use our know-how to develop customized solutions for a wide variety of plastics applications including the cable industry and other sectors. Based in Melle near Osnabrück, Melos employs more than 200 employees.

Transparent Rubber Compounds for sport applications

This presentation is about the process of making transparent rubber compounds for different sport applications and the complex roll-out of these applications to customers.


Subjects like raw materials, specifications, analyses, scale-up affects and other issues will be highlighted.