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The last twenty Meetings:

15-12-21: New website on ===> WWW.VKRT.NL

13-02-20: Recycling in de rubberindustrie

12-12-19: Plasticizers & processing aids

12-09-19: Rubber in voedingsmiddelen en pharma

16-05-19: ALV met bedrijfsbezoek Apollo Vredestein

14-02-19: Rubber vulstoffen

13-12-18: Leden vertellen leden

13-09-18: Rubber Bonding

17-05-18: Algemene Ledenvergadering en Bedrijfsbezoek Medanco

08-02-18: Rubber in sport

14-12-17: (vloeibare) polymeren en harsen

14-09-17: Meten is weten

18-05-17: ALV en bedrijfsbezoek Black Bear Carbon

09-02-17: Wetgeving: Arbo/Milieu/REACH

08-12-16: December meeting VKRT: Rubber verwerking


19-05-16: Bedrijfsbezoek bij ARLANXEO (voorheen LANXESS Elastomers)

11-02-16: Rubber ingredienten

30-10-15: Al een halve eeuw VKRT, flexibiliteit is onze kracht

21-05-15: Ruma: Bedrijfsbezoek


Abstrasts of the meetings: speakers, summary of the lecture and document(s)

The last thirty Lectures:

Requirements in production of elastomer parts for food and pharma industry

Rubber for pharma or food applications

Organic Peroxides used in polymer products coming into contact with food- and drinking water.

Rubbers in contact with DRINKING WATER, regulations and what has changed?

Mineral use in light coloured rubber

TUBALLTM graphene nanotubes, the new gamechanger for the Tyre industry

Precipitated Silica: Technology, Production, Compounding & Applications

New electrically conductive CARBONX grades for applications in elastomers

Rubber to plastic bonding of a valve poppet in an AdBlue dosing unit.

Adhesion activation of Twaron Aramid Fibers

A Review on Steel Cord & Wire - Rubber Adhesion

Transparent Rubber Compounds for sport applications

Artificial turf pitch

Application of Arlanxeo´s various rubbers in sport

The future of rubber in sports- and recreational-flooring

Dai El - New Developments

Polyurethanes vs. Rubber

Development of advanced polymers to meet future (tire) compound requirements

A new modified terpene tread enhancement additive: evaluation in a tread formulation

Dynamisch Mechanische Analyse met speciale aandacht voor Hysteresis onderzoek

Pyrolysis GC-MS for identification and characterization of rubbers used in tires and membrane (diaphragm) pumps

Stress relaxation – stress fall

Linear and non linear rhelogical measurements on rubber polymers and compounds

Meten is weten – als je weet hoe je meten moet!

New source of Natural Rubber emerging from our backyard?

Hoe regel ik de REACH & CLP verplichtingen praktisch in mijn bedrijf?

What a SDS can(not) tell you about rubber and plastic

Nationaal en international transport van gevaarlijke stoffen

New Additives for the Processing of Special-Application-Elastomers

Silica and silanes

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Robert Bosch Produktie NV

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Dow Performance Silicones



Daikin Chemicals

Rubber & plastic sector: Abstracts

Invoeren van GHS (Globally Harmonized System) in uw organisatie

Stappen plan opslag conform PGS 15

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Job Service is free (post and consult) for companies et job seekers.
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