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About Materia
New materials present opportunities for fascinating innovations. Materia stimulates and inspires architects, designers and producers to apply these materials to their designs. The company is a knowledge centre for developments and innovations in materials, and their applications for architecture and design. Materia is familiar with many innovative materials from all over the world, as well having knowledge of their specific characteristics. This knowledge is published worldwide by Materia using various media.

Materia’s aim: to build together with creative professionals on a new vision for the future: Materialize the future!

Materia offers you free use of our search engine, a complete knowledge bank of materials.
We will also keep you updated about innovative materials and their applications, and trends in architecture and design, through newsletters, publications, and presentations. We can also supply specialists to talk about specific materials in your field or sector.
Materia activates its expertise via the Inspiration Centre, where the new materials can be seen and felt in real life. In this way, Materia offers a platform for knowledge development, interaction and cross-fertilisation. An inspirational experience.

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