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Scarabaeus GmbH

website Machine processing equipment

SCARABAEUS develops and produces high-quality and efficient measuring instruments for polymers, mixtures and vulcanizes from different areas of the rubber and plastic industry.

Naturally, the focus is placed mainly in methods, algorithms, applications and current software packages.

This is reflected in our own technical development, which is always provided to the customers.The Equipment consist of a wide variety of measurement systems such as rheometer with varying frequency and amplitude, Mooney, hardness and density machines, DSC, tensile testing machines and processing machines such as laboratory mixer and roller.

SCARABAEUS GmbH was founded 1994 by rubber engineers for the rubber industry. The priority was always being the finding of right solution to the problems our customers. This developed a wide and complete product range in order to cover the complete manufacturing and testing process in the rubber industry.

The company stands for highest
- Reliability
- Quality
- Technology