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C.N. Schmidt b.v

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C.N. Schmidt b.v. represents within the Benelux market area different producers of chemical specialties. Our main products are raw materials for chemistry, finechemistry, laboratory research, pharma and foodstuffs. Other areas are watertreatment and Food supplements.


For the rubber industry our product range exists of internal lubricants, peptizing agents, homogenizing agents, tackifiers, plasticizers, metal oxide preparations, vulcanisation activators, soluble and insoluble sulphur preparations, sulphur flower, mould release and mandrel release agents, silicone coating of building profiles, reclaiming agent, mould cleaning compounds and rubber/metal adhesives. For the latex industry this exists of stabilizers, antioxidants, tackifiers, anti-tack, antifoam and antiwebbing agents, peptizers and preservative for NR-latex.


You can visit our website: or for more information.