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G. Vogler B.V.

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Rubber-activities of company G. Vogler B.V.


G. Vogler B.V. is active in a number of areas within the rubber-industry :

For the elastomer part, we represent company Nippon Zeon for the Benelux countries. Nippon Zeon is leading producer of NBR-, HNBR-, ACM- and ECO-grades. Beside elastomers, we supply a complete line of [rubberchemicals]. This line consists of accelerators, retarders, antioxidants, and various other types of products. The products are supplied in (oiled) powder-, microgranule-, or masterbatch quality.


For testing instruments, we represent the Italian company Gibitre Instruments. Their productassortment consists a.o. of a Mooneycheck, Rheochecks (ODR/MDR), hardnessmeters, Ozone Check, Low temperature Check, Tensorcheck, laboratory press etc.


For processing machines, we represent the Italian companies Colmec and Euromachinery. Company Colmec is considered to be the top-manufacturer of complete [extrusion lines] for the non-tire industry. Company Euromachinery is a young, dynamic manufacturer of [mixing machines], like open mills, internal mixers, calanders, laboratory mills, and laboratory mixers. Any of these machines is built according to the specific needs and wishes from the customer. E.g. the volume of a mixer is not standard, but can be customised to any desired dimension.


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