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Ingfer Fillers & Minerals B.V.

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Ingfer Fillers & Minerals B.V. is situated in De Rijp in The Netherlands. Ingfer Fillers & Minerals B.V. sells mineral raw materials on a trading basis and as an agent on a exclusive basis, by direct deliveries and part deliveries. The part deliveries are usually delivered from our warehouse in Hazeldonk.


We deliver our products to the following Industries:

* Paint & Coatings
* Rubber & Plastics
* Ceramics/ Refractories/ Foundry
* Welding Rods
* Cement/ Concrete/ Brick
* Insecticides/ Herbicides/ Pesticides/Fertilizers/Feed
* Cosmetics/ Pharmaceuticals
* Brakelinings/ Friction materials
* Art Products

Ingfer Fillers & Minerals B.V.
Galjoen 39
Tel: + 31 299 674539
Fax: + 31 299 674017